Founded in 2015 by long-time musical partners Marty Martin' (guitar and vocals) and Rich Thomas (lead guitar and vocals) of Corduroy Jim, Levi Jack brings out a more Alt Rock-Americana roots side of their music, “Cali Rock” if you will, all the while exploring their modern influences and contemporaries. Equal parts ambient rock, country-blues, psychedelia, and singer-songwriter genre alike, Levi Jack has a fresh and raw energy that is gaining favorable results. There is a certain gravity of their collective energy that creates joy in their performance that listeners will attest to....the fellas just love to have fun! The band is rounded out by David Kerrey (Medicine Road/Bobby Love/Cougar Unleashed) on drums and Brett Klynn (Blue Eyed Devils/Old Dead Bug/NVNG) on bass.  

The original lineup included Tom McQuillen (Grampa’s Chili/Medicine Road) on guitar, Josh "The Jedi" Baker (George Heagerty & Never The Same/The Sliders) on bass, and Mark Danley (The Bliss Ninnies/The English Language) on drums. About a year later, rotating members included Jake "The Baby Snake" Burns on lead guitar and Bill Ward (George Heagerty/Never The Same/Good Life Rhythm & Blues Review) on bass.  

One of the staples of Levi Jack is their love of acoustic music and the band regularly performs entire sets/shows "unplugged". It makes it more fun for the guys to "strip it all down" and then allows the songs to breathe more. In turn, when the band plays completely electric the distinction is immediate and shows their versatility in song and presentation.